Nikki, taken, submissive, Palm Beach, kinky lolita, Las Vegas, Film noir, guns and other weaponry, military history (primarily of the opium wars and WWII), Christoph Waltz (my bby), Tarantino, John Alton, Hitchcock,DC Comics, Doctor Who, vegetarian, film student, future director, screenwriter and cinematographer. Practices BDSM. Short, sweet, horny and pretentious

“Oh, the things I shall teach her. So young, so pure, so maddening…”

Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the Dark (via moenymphshit)

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I’m a goofy goober yeah

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#pam grier hanging out with some homeless dude

Damn you haven't posted your tits in a year, why am I still following lol


I’ve never posted my tits
So nice try at reverse psychology, boy.

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